Shooting Begins for Short Film

Shooting for the short film, tentatively titled, “Geriatricks” (with the hope for a better name) has begun. Spent several hours working on a 30 second scene, including use of a camera boom. The talent has been very good, and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with them.
Problems with today’s shoot:

  • Wind was rather strong and pushed the boom around a bit.
  • We were working on a scene where looking through windows was neccessary. However, there was way too much glare on the windows in some cases. We dealt with glare by controlling camera position, using a circular polarizer lens, and blocking some light.
  • Minor equipment failures, such as faulty firewire cables, etc.
  • Dog poop.

Besides that, it was a fairly successful shoot. We’ll probably be shooting again on Monday.

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