Redemption in movies

I’ve watched a few movies over my Christmas break, and it seems odd to
me that a lot of them don’t really have full redemption. People change,
but not completely.

Lord of War
is one example. Nicholas Cage’s character, a high profile arms dealer
goes through a lot of crap, and I kept thinking/hoping that he would
break and stop being an arms dealer. But no, somewhere along the line,
the movie becomes a story about staying true to what you’re good at,
even if it means you lose your family, your brother gets shot, and you
are supplying the means to kill thousands, if not millions, of people.
It is not a story of evil realizing the error of its ways and becoming
good. It is evil realizing the error of its ways, shrugging its
shoulders and saying, “Oh well.”

Some of the people I watched
this with didn’t like it. It wasn’t your typical movie, with a
resolution and all. But the thing is, it worked for the movie. It was
trying to show the real problems of arms dealing, in the form of a
film. Because who would watch a documentary on the subject? So if it
had been resolved, people would have left the movie thinking there was
no longer any issues with gun running. This at least left it open for

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