What the future holds

I don’t know. No, it should be pretty exciting. Dominican Republic, Honduras, possibly other countries.
Jan. 10-Apr 10, I will be in the Dominican Republic, doing my Study
Service Term. I will be learning the DR culture, history, and also
Spanish while living in the capitol, Santa Domingo, for 6 weeks. The
second six weeks, I will be somewhere else, working on something. Not
sure of any details yet. Come back here to check in for updates, or
visit the SST site.
that, I will be going to Honduras at an undetermined time for an
undetermined length of time. Back in August, I contacted Mennonite
Central Committee about the possibility of doing some kind of video
work for them. My family had worked with them before, and they’ve been
a trusted organization that has done a lot of good stuff. They asked me
if I was willing to go to Honduras to work with their partner, the MAMA Project,
making a promotional video for them. So I’m not sure when I’m going or
for how long, but I’ll keep you posted. Part of it is relying on
whether or not I can get my hands on a Mac Laptop. Got one I can use?

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