China’s Development in Asia

The Christian Science Monitor has an interesting article, China takes up civic work in Africa,?on China’s aid efforts in Africa. I just finished reading a book called The Globalizers (more on this book later), and it was interesting to see why Aid Organizations give Aid. The Chinese method seems to be a bit different, in that there are less strings attached, at least according to the article.

To quote the article:
“The Chinese interest in Africa … their coming into our markets is the best thing that could have happened to us,” says small-business contractor Amare Kifle, during a recent meeting with a Chinese investor in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. “We are tired of the condescending American style. True, the American government and American companies have done and do a lot here, but I always feel like they think they are doing us a favor … telling us how to do things and punishing us when we do it our own way.

“These Chinese are different,” he says. “They are about the bottom line and allow us to sort out our side of the business as we see fit. I want to have a business partner and do business. I don’t want to have a philosophical debate about Africa’s future.”

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