Trip to Goshen

So I made the 10 hour trip out to college today. Thought I’d try my hand at “liveblogging,” kind of. In other words, I was bored. And thought I’d share it with you. I called my new favorite toy, Jott, and had my voice magically trancribed and waiting in my email when I got home. Here it is, only slightly edited.

  • 07:58- I leave my house. 3/4 tank of gas. Put tape over “Air Bag” light. (Learned that trick from Car Talk)
  • 10:02- Liberian TPS status is suddenly about to run out in October, according to NPR.
  • 10:05- A Christian radio station is advocating that parents watch their kids on MySpace, but not too tight. Started out with example of “Susie not getting the job because of something she posted on her second MySpace profile her parents didn’t know about.”
  • 10:08- NPR reports that Dean missed the resorts in Mexico, only wiping out some Mayan villages. Strikes me that probably the resorts could cope better.
  • 10:11- American Idol auditions in Miami are major news on ABC News.
  • 10:23- Listening to talk radio, and I hear: “I believe there are terrorist cells in Canada.”
  • 10:26- Still listening to talk radio: “Have you ever had a cheesesteak on crack?”
  • 10:45- Man on talk show asking for advice because his grandson told him he wanted to kill him.
  • 10:46- Swerved to miss large part of tire strewn across entire lane on I-80.
  • 10:47- A Congressman on Fox Talk Radio to talk about his experience on Fox. Says that its
    probably not good television when people always shout.
  • 10:49- “Fox News- We report. You decide.” Must I say more?
  • 10:58- Just got off the phone. I was on Fox Talk Radio,
    Dennis something and I was talking about how NAFTA causes immigration. (I got cut off)
  • 11:13- Gas light comes on.
  • 11:18- Get off at exit 120, and promptly turn the wrong way.
  • 11:23-
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