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NOTE: Twitter has turned off the necessary API that allowed you to post from the command line, meaning this method no longer works.

Looking to keep up with following your followers on Twitter without clicking through Twitter’s interface? I whipped up a script that will do that (with help from all over the web, including the bulletin boards at

Download the script

This is Mac only. The script will open in Script Editor, and hit CMD-R to run the script. It’ll prompt you for your username and password. It will then retrieve all your followers (not just the first 100), then retrieve all your friends (not just the first 100), and send a follow twitter message to all your followers who aren’t your friends.

Feel free to mess around with the script (but be careful- if you change the wrong thing, you can end up like me with a whole lot of messages accidently showing up on my timeline).

If you find this useful, especially if you use Twitter for business purposes, feel free to send me a few bucks through PayPal.

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