Waveform Art Filter

The Waveform Art filter is a thoroughly useless piece of code for Final Cut Pro pre-X, that basically takes your image, and puts a crappy version into your waveform monitor.

Try it out

To try out the Waveform Art filter, download it here, and then copy it to /Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro System Support/Plugins. It will appear in the Waveform Art folder in your Video Effects.

What it does

Here’s the normal waveform for the built in Circle generator-

And here is the same circle, with the Waveform Art filter applied-

This works best with large text and simple shapes. Complex images don’t translate well, as it is a black and white image, and has rather poor resolution (only 256 horizontal lines). Also, you may want to bring up the display brightness to better see the image.


You can also change the Threshold parameter to tweak the image. Here’s a picture of me with the threshold at 60, 90, 120, and 150.


There is also a “Randomize” parameter, that attempts to distort the image in the canvas, while leaving an image in the waveform monitor. Due to the constraints of how the waveform works, it can’t be nearly as distorted as I would like. I was hoping to have a jumble of noise that reveals a secret image in the waveform monitor, but I don’t think it’s actually possible. The final image also suffers some quality loss. Here’s the circle with Randomize checked.

Let me know if you actually find a use for it!


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