An NLE Suggestion – Play to in, Play from Out.

I have been working on a series of web videos that are basically cutting an hour speech down to 10 minutes. I’ve been using Premiere for this, and my general workflow is to cut out the fat as I play it through the first time.

I “Mark In” at the end of a good soundbite I want to keep, “Mark Out” at the start of the next clip, and “Extract” to get rid of what I don’t want. I then back up the playhead, and preview the edit. If it’s not perfect, I have to undo, tweak the edit points, extract, and preview again.

After doing this dozens of times, I realized I need a new playback method.

We are already used to “play to out” and “play in to out”, but I’m suggesting “play to in, play from out.” In effect, this would be previewing what would happen if you extract from in to out, skipping over the video between the in and out points.

This would use the same preroll and postroll settings as “play around” does, allowing you to easily preview an edit before actually making it.

And while we’re at it, a “Play to In” function would be useful as well.

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