NLE Feature Request: Sequence and Project Variables

In my second installment of crazy things I want in my NLE- Project and Sequence Variables.

A new window would be available in the NLE, called Variables. There, you would create a new variable with the following attributes:

  • Type (number, text, file, boolean)
  • Scope (Project, Sequence)
  • Default value (This would be where you set the values of project variables, and set what sequence variables would display before they are set on the sequence.)

Then, if you want to use a variable, you simply drag that variable from the Variable Window to where ever you want to use them. Variables would need to be built in to the NLE at a very root level, so that variables would be accessible by default from anywhere, including third party plugins.

Sequence variables would be set from within Sequence Settings. A pane would display all the variables in the sequence, and you could set them easily.

Example 1: you need to take the same commercial and make 4 different versions, each with a different phone number that comes up in 2 places.

  1. Make a sequence that is completely ready to go, except the phone number.
  2. Make a new text sequence variable called PhoneNumber, with the default to (555) 555-5555.
  3. Add a text generator to your sequence, and drag the PhoneNumber variable to it. Format the phone number how you want it.
  4. Repeat for the second place the phone number comes up.
  5. Duplicate the master sequence 4 times.
  6. In each one, change the PhoneNumber variable to the correct phone number.
  7. Output.

Example 2: You need to output 2 versions of your show- one with titles, one without.

  1. Make a new number sequence variable called TitlesVisible with a default of 100.
  2. Add the TitlesVisible variable to the Opacity of each of the titles in the sequence.
  3. When everything is done, duplicate the sequence, and set the TitlesVisible variable for that sequence to 0.
  4. Output each.

Using variables would take a bit of planning and foresight, but could save a lot of time in the long run. It would have to be integrated very well to be useful.

I see this as being very easy to use, yet very flexible. It should allow for variables in variables (so, a text variable could be used inside of a file path).

Would you find this useful? How would you use it?

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