An Update

Life’s been fairly busy recently, but I thought I’d give you a bit of an update on my life.

I’ve been working at People Productions quite a bit. It’s been a great mix of growing my skill set and refining what I already know. I’ve been able to do production work for the first time since college, which I have really enjoyed. I’ve also had some great projects to edit, including e-learning materials and promotional videos. I get some motion graphics work as well, including some of the sections in the 2012 Boulder International Film Fest Intro video.

People Productions also has a rapidly growing iPad/Web app that does mobile presentations called UpSync, so I have been able to learn some of the tricks for getting video assets to work well across many platforms.

I’ve also had the opportunity to do quite a bit of work for the East Cheyenne Gas Storage Project, including a project overview video. I’ve enjoyed learning the corporate side of video editing both with East Cheyenne as well as many of the clients I’ve worked with at People Productions.

I have a nice long bus ride some days to work, so I’ve been using that time to get some other things done. I recently collaborated with my birdwatching brother to develop 2 iOS apps for birders. I’m also working on some other apps that may be released in the near future.

What’s next? Check back and see.

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