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I’ve started making iOS apps, and started out using PhoneGap, which allows you to wrap an HTML5 app into an iOS app. This has its limitations, and so I wanted to see about writing Native apps.

As part of O’Reilly Publishing’s Blogger Review program, I received a free e-copy of Learning iOS Programming, 2nd Edition, by Alasdair Allan.

I have been working on and off to learn Objective C for several years, and this book was the tipping point that pushed from frustration to understanding. I’m not sure if that’s due to the book or just that I was actually at a point where I had a strong enough base to understand.

This book assumes that you know a fair level about coding before getting started. Ideally, you would know more about Objective C than I started with, but the book does spend 2 chapters with the basics.

The book was updated for iOS 5, but at times that transition is incomplete and sloppy. Code was good the first time it is shown, but often it reverts in later rewritings. This actually worked well for me though, as I was able to learn quite a bit by fixing the code to make it work.

Overall, this book was very helpful in getting me started with native coding.

Learning iOS Programming

(Disclaimer- this post is part of the  O’Reilly Blogger Review program. My only compensation was a digital copy of the book.)

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