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Happy birthday!

If you’re on Facebook, you can expect your phone to buzz a lot on your birthday, as people wish you a happy birthday. This year, I decided that the data coming in was the best gift of all, so I

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World Series of Birding App and Dashboard

Each May, birders from across the country gather in Cape May for the World Series of Birding, a competition to identify the most number of birds in 24 hours. Besides bragging rights, the competition is also a major fundraiser for

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Review of Learning iOS Programming, by Alasdair Allan; O’Reilly Media

I’ve started making iOS apps, and started out using PhoneGap, which allows you to wrap an HTML5 app into an iOS app. This has its limitations, and so I wanted to see about writing Native apps. As part of O’Reilly

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What To Brew – a new iOS App

I have a long commute, and often take the bus. This gives me plenty of time to work on side projects, and one I’ve picked up is developing apps for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. My first apps were Bird Codes and Band

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An Update

Life’s been fairly busy recently, but I thought I’d give you a bit of an update on my life. I’ve been working at People Productions quite a bit. It’s been a great mix of growing my skill set and refining what

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Splitting subtitles automatically

I’ve been doing a lot of subtitle work recently, and have really enjoyed using Annotation Edit, which does pretty much everything for subtitles. Except for one thing I ended up doing way too much- splitting subtitles into 2 lines. So,

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NLE Feature Request: Sequence and Project Variables

In my second installment of crazy things I want in my NLE- Project and Sequence Variables. A new window would be available in the NLE, called Variables. There, you would create a new variable with the following attributes: Type (number,

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