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Splitting subtitles automatically

I’ve been doing a lot of subtitle work recently, and have really enjoyed using Annotation Edit, which does pretty much everything for subtitles. Except for one thing I ended up doing way too much- splitting subtitles into 2 lines. So,

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NLE Feature Request: Sequence and Project Variables

In my second installment of crazy things I want in my NLE- Project and Sequence Variables. A new window would be available in the NLE, called Variables. There, you would create a new variable with the following attributes: Type (number,

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An NLE Suggestion – Play to in, Play from Out.

I have been working on a series of web videos that are basically cutting an hour speech down to 10 minutes. I’ve been using Premiere for this, and my general workflow is to cut out the fat as I play

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Fading to black correctly

One of the first things I learned at my first internship was how to properly dissolve with multiple layers of footage. I began to notice incorrect dissolves in the wild, and it still drives me crazy, 5 years later. To

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