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Obama tells a good story

I watched Obama’s infomercial tonight, but only to check out the production values and editing, I promise. But really, I think it was a brilliant example of the power of story. Obama took the personal stories of 4 families (from

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A multitude of approaches

Recently, I went to a showing of a documentary on immigration. Now, immigration is a topic that I’ve worked with a lot, in particular with the documentary “Fuerza,” but also as an issue that come up while I was living

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Eating Well Update 2

At the beginning of the school year, I posted my Eating Well Guidelines for the school year. Now, as my school year winds down, I thought I’d give a quick look at how I fared. I ate very cheap this

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Fox News Debates

Has anyone else seen any of the Fox Republican Debate from last night? I caught the tail end (with Guiliani refusing to stop talking),?and then watched the focus group afterwards. Was it just me, or was it incredibly fake? I’ve

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End of Year Wrap Up

I thought I’d do a bit of a year end by the numbers wrap up: 0- Number of resolutions made for 2007 1- Computer that died and so far is still unreplaced 3- Countries visited 6- Major moves 15- different

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Arming the Churches for Christ

When Jeanne Assam, a volunteer security guard, shot a gunman at New Life Church in Denver on Sunday, she was lauded as a hero by law enforcement and her pastor. And my first thought was… she had a gun? In

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Junk for those in need

I was at Kroger’s last night, and saw a table with a couple plastic and paper bags with some groceries in them. A large sign said “Donate food to the needy” or something along those lines. There are bags for

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