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Sculpture Installation

In a move perhaps like putting a child’s awful kindergarten self portrait on the fridge, my parents have put a sculpture I made in Sculpture class in their backyard. Actually, there are two, but I will only post a picture

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Toxic- Garbage Island review

I honestly have no idea how I found this… I even went through my history, trying to find how I got here. No idea. But really, it’s pretty intriguing, has produced an insightful, yet unorthodox, example of advocacy journalism

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Ira Glass on Story Telling

I’ve just discovered CurrentTV’s selection of helpful guides on how to “make TV.” Of special interest to me was Ira Glass’s vCast on Storytelling. Ira Glass in a master of storytelling. I’m a huge fan of his radio show, This

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Dolores Huerta on Human Rights

Cesar Chavez is well known, but perhaps just an important figure in the fight for farmer workers’ rights is Dolores Huerta, who cofounded the United Farm Workers Union with Chavez. I was able to hear her speak twice today here

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MediaStorm: Deeper understanding

In response to my earlier post about MediaStorm (MediaStorm Doesn’t Go Far Enough), Brian Storm, the founder of the company, contacted me with a reply, and permission to pass on his response. My main critique was that MediaStorm doesn’t go

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MediaStorm Doesn’t Go Far Enough

The reason most journalists are journalists is this desire to help people- to tell their stories. MediaStorm has found a way to tell these stories in an innovative way. Their focus is “social documentary projects incorporating photojournalism, interactivity, animation, audio

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“Sicko” touches bigger issues

Last Wednesday night, I attended a showing of Michael Moore’s “Sicko”, newly released on DVD. It was part of a nationwide showing time, including a conference call with Moore himself. As most of the reviews have noted, “Sicko” is on

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