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Chances are, your passion for video editing centers around story telling. And, chances are that you find yourself doing less actual story telling than you’d like. One day, I realized that I was working at a company with “Editing” in

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New Demo Reel Up

I have posted my Summer 2011 Reel, with all kinds of fun graphics and shots that show a bit of my aesthetic side. I am happy to be back on the market as a freelancer, and while I’ve stayed busy

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Sites I find helpful

Sorting through the massive amounts of sites online can be intimidating, especially when trying to find good info on editing and video stuff. So I’ve come up with a listing of the sites that I subscribe to, or at least

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New setup

Welcome to the new Socially Aware Media Blog. I decided to make some changes to better achieve what I’m trying to do with my Web site. I’m trying to make my page a tad more professional, and so have

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Welcome to

Thanks to the Mark over at for linking to my new tutorial on making vines in Motion.

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Up and running

Well, I’m happy to say that my new computer is up and running, a complete editing machine. I installed Final Cut Pro, and it seems like everything is working fine. This means that I’ll be able to do freelancing a

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Services offered

I’ve added a new page to the site, Services Offered. I’ve been getting the occasional request for my services, and thought I would put up a listing of some of the things I can offer. If you’re looking for any

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