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Letting their voices be heard

I’m currently working on editing the Guatemala piece, and realized that the script is currently twice as long as it should be- not a fun thing to do. So last night I was working on cutting things out, and got

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Guatemala Trip The last days

Friday and Saturday were also spent in Yalu. We interviewed an old man who spoke Maum, the local language. We taped the construction of a flower greenhouse. We went on a long walk where I almost died (don’t worry, I

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Guatemala Trip Thursday

Thursday, October 18– La Vega del Vulcan to Yalu via Mexico. Yalu is a 3 hour walk from La Vega, or a 5 hour drive with a 30 minute walk. We opted for the shorter walk because of all our

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Guatemala Trip Wednesday

Wednesday, October 17– San Marcos to La Vega del Vulcan The fog was terrible. We were pretty high up in the mountains, (even drove through the highest inhabitated place in the Americas) so we were basically in the clouds. We

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Guatemala Trip Tuesday

Tuesday, October 16- Santiago, Atitlan to San Marcos Woke up to try to get the sunrise shot at 5:30 a.m. The sky looked clear, but sunrise was a bit off. I went back to sleep, and at 6 a.m., the

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Guatemala Update is coming

Sorry about the lack of updating while I was in Guatemala. I spent a significant amount of time very far away from even electricity, let alone internet. I’ll do a few shorter updates instead of one big old one, so

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Back home

Well hey. I have officially survived the trip! I am happily sitting in my room, checking my 46 unread emails and hoping to get to bed soon. I promise, I’ll get more on the trip up soon! It was a

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