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The Wanderer

When I came back from Honduras, I was so psyched to stay in the same place for more than 3 months at a time. Evidently, I can’t do it. Next Saturday, I’m heading to Guatemala. I’ll be there from October

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Am I changed?

I had my exit interview for the Service Inquiry Program (who gave me a scholarship for going to Honduras) today. It was interesting to try to process my experience a month and a half later. The whole experience is fading

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Shoe Shiners (rather belated)

This is about 2 months later than it should be, but I’ve bene having some annoying camera/computer problems that kept me from posting. Before I left for the DR, my brother convinced me to get a pair of Skechers that

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An Ode to Baleadas

An Ode to BaleadasIn two haikus and a bunch of prose One baleada sencilla is not enough At least two or three Flour tortilla beans and cream slathered folded Splurge on eggs and meat I’ll admit. I’m not ready for

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Social Organizing

Last night and this morning the news on TV was filled with images of protestors, mostly getting beaten by the police. I asked my host dad to explain the background: “It’s the same problem as always, North American Capitalism. They

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Trip to Tegus

Last weekend I got to take a trip with my host brother, Nelson, to Tegucigalpa, the capitol of Honduras. Definitely a fun experience. Left early Saturday morning on a new bus line that cost 50 Lempiras, about a third of

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Why church is loud

Church here in Honduras is loud. Well, it depends. There seems to be a continuum between Catholic and Pentecostal. The closer to Catholic, the quieter. The closer to Pentecostal, the louder you need to have that mic. I was in

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