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An Update

Life’s been fairly busy recently, but I thought I’d give you a bit of an update on my life. I’ve been working at People Productions quite a bit. It’s been a great mix of growing my skill set and refining what

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Crash Test Trailer wins a Gold Empixx Award

I’m happy to announce that the book trailer I made for “The Outsider’s Guide to the CrashTest Nation” by Rho Mack has won a Gold Empixx award. The Empixx Awards may not be the Emmys, but I’m still proud to

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Book Trailer for “Crash Test”

“The Outsider’s Guide to the CrashTest Nation” is a young adult book for non-readers, by Rho Mack. I worked with the author to capture the playfulness, mystery, and suspense of the novel in a book trailer she could use to

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Quicktip on ProVideoCoalition

Scott Simmons is doing his 28 Days of Quicktips over at the ProVideoCoalition site. This year, he accepted reader submissions, and mine got in! I export a ton of video to XDCAM Professional Discs at work (I think I’ve averaged

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601/709 to RGB Filter

A common problem taking a video from Avid to Final Cut is color space- Avid works in 601/709, and Final Cut works in RGB. This leads to low contrast video when using a video exported with Avid in FCP. Luckily,

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Carnival of Errors

Carnival of Errors from Alan Dague-Greene on Vimeo. Synopsis: The fight for control of carnival land will pit clowns against mimes in a musical standoff that will tickle the funny bone and excite the senses. The Ben-Hur of single shot

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Quillions-Panasonic HD Filmmaker Showdown

Quillions from Alan Dague-Greene on Vimeo. This last weekend, I worked with a great group of people to create this entry into the Panasonic HD Filmmaker Showdown, a 48 Hour Film Fest. 5 groups across the US received a phrase,

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