There are beautiful colors all around you. Now you can share them.

Take a photo, and see the shades and colors that are the most important. Then get creative with the tons of possibilities for creative designs and filters that Shades provides.

Not only can you share your shades with your friends, you can also contribute them anonymously to There, we are tracking popular shades, and you can see the shades coming in from around the world.

  • Store your shades in a beautiful way and access them at any time
  • Easy sharing of your creative designs to Facebook, Twitter, email, and more
  • Lots of designs and filters included for tons of creative options and endless possibilities to share the shades around you
  • Great upgrades with In-App Purchases
  • Intuitive and natural touch controls – play with the colors around you
  • Full iOS6 features
  • Built for iPhone 5
  • Front and back camera support, flash control, focusing, and more

If you’re tired of the same old looks for your photos with all the *gram clones, Shades offers a fresh way of looking at your photos, your shades, your life.


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