What to Brew

What to Brew

What to Brew

You’re brewing on Saturday, but you don’t know what to brew yet. Everyone loves your pale ale… but you know homebrewing isn’t about doing the same ol’, same ol’. What to brew?

In this app, I’ll give you a suggestion on what to brew. If you hate my ideas? That’s cool, I’ll give you a new one. Have no idea what a Biere de Garde is? No worries, I’ll give you a short description, as well as tell you if it’s in season to drink or brew. The BJCP style is also included, so you’ll be competition ready!

And here’s the cool thing- if you actually like my idea, I got you covered. I’ll show you where to find recipes, and even send you to popular online stores so you can place the order.

So, stop thinking about brewing, and brew!


2 comments on “What to Brew
  1. Chris says:

    Bro, this app is sick..but how about some love for us android cats?

  2. James says:

    Thanks for the love, Chris.

    I’m not doing anything Android right now- this is a hobby for me, and I don’t have time to add another platform. On top of that, developers are finding Android to be not near as profitable as Apple.

    Version 1 was in a format that could have easily been ported to Android, and I offered anyone the opportunity to port it over, and share the Android profits. No one bit, and now V2 is not going to be near as easy to port.

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