Demo Reel

My name is James Stuckey Weber, and I’m a Denver, Colorado based freelance Video Editor and Post Production Guru, helping non-profits and companies tell stories through video.

I have been a professional video editor for 4 years, editing and delivering shows to The Cooking Channel, Fox Business Network, PBS, television stations, and online. I am Apple Certified in Final Cut Pro, and am at ease in many other editing and motion graphics programs.

My work has won awards, including a Gold Empixx Award for The Outsider’s Guide to the CrashTest Nation, a Silver Telly Award for Fuerza, and a Silver Remi for “Dreaming a New South Africa”. Here’s some of my recent work.

I enjoy coming up with creative solutions for technical problems- using my geeky, coding side to find ways to speed up some of the mundane tasks of post production, so I can spend more time making an edit really shine. I blog about these solutions at

I am passionate about the world we live in, and the people we share it with. I enjoy traveling and hearing the people’s stories, and using video to share those stories with people who can’t travel with me. Check out The Other Side of Paradise or Convite as examples.

I am a Do It Yourself-er, and enjoy making my own beer, cheese, and mustard. I bike where I can, and am having fun learning how to fix my bike.

If you have a project I can help you with, get in touch. I’ll be happy to give you a quote, answer any questions, or share my Black Rye Saison recipe with you!


ChinStr.apps is a niche hobbyist app development company, specializing in apps for birders and homebrewers and in making Big Data relevant. Read more about ChinStr.apps.